Soap Rockstars!

We have had the best Pig and the Peacock weekend ever! We had 10 sales on Friday for a total of about 40 bars of soap. One person bought 11 bars. We had 3 sales to Canada. We are so international.

The sales have slowed down the rest of the weekend, but we have had a consistent trickle of sales all weekend. We are such soap rockstars!

We finally perfected the bath bomb this weekend - by going to another shape and forgetting about the elusive and extremely difficult sphere design. Many of our bath bombs resembled hamburgers, mushrooms, blobs, and the shape of any surface that we put them on. I thought that nature liked the sphere. You know, perfect shape, equal forces, maximum volume to surface area, and all that. Apparently that does not hold true for bath bombs.

We made our first body polishes this weekend and we are moving into body butters next. My obsessiveness has finally found an outlet.

A Big Day for The Pig and the Peacock

This was a big day for The Pig and the Peacock! I woke up this morning to find about 150 views on our website, which it turns out was because we made the front page of Etsy. Yea us! (That's us circled in red.)


We had two sales immediately after I found out about this, one of which was an international sale. Double yea us. The Pig and the Peacock has gone international!

To top it off, we shipped our 1st consignment order this week to Oak in Boston and I happen to be in Boston today, so I stopped by the store today and got to see our product in a STORE!  (That's our stuff circled in red!)


We are soap rock stars!

Please Buy Our Stuff!

We got more sales this week! More importantly they are from total strangers! It's all very exciting.

In fact, it's safe to say that we are disproportionately excited about the sale of a $4 bar of soap. A sale results in my calling my sister and boyfriend and yelling "We got a sale! We got a sale!" repeatedly over the phone.

But alas, sales are still few and far between, so I need your help. Send The Pig and the Peacock link to everyone you know who uses soap. If you know people who don't use soap, you should probably send them the link as well. I'm guessing that they probably need some incredible smelling Tahitian Fruit Punch Shea Butter Soap.

Crafts and Fashion

I've always thought of people who make their own soap as kind of granola-y. They wear hemp shoes and other hippie clothes. They are not fashionistas. Now I know why.

I was walking through the mall shopping for clothes the other day, but there wasn't really anything I liked. I thought, "I could go to Hobby Lobby and buy soap stuff instead". I suddenly realized that I was giving up clothes shopping for soap shopping.

Crafters aren't fashionistas because making soaps (and candles, and bath salts) is addictive. My sister and I find ourselves talking about what scents we want to try next. She actually exceeded her cell phone minutes in our after work drive home soap talk.

Luckily I recognized the clothes / soap shopping turn and caught it in time...

Our 1st Sale!!!

We got our first sale! WooHoo! Technically, our first sale was to our aunt. Although it was exciting to see our first sale come through, some of the glory was lost in the fact that it was a relative. At least it wasn't our mom (that so would not count)...

But... we got a second and third sale to total strangers. Double WooHoo! Strangers like our stuff. That totally counts! Better hurry and get yours today before we sell out.

Thanks to Amber for the heads up on Etsy, we couldn't have done it without you.

The Pig and the Peacock

My sister and I have started a handmade gifts (soap, candles, jewelry, gift baskets) company called The Pig and the Peacock. Just a couple weeks ago we made our first bath salts, the next week it was soap. How cool is that, we made soap!!! Now we have a full fledged shop on Etsy.

We posted our first offerings tonight. As you know, I'm a stat junkie, so imagine my excitement to see that within minutes of posting the gift baskets we had 17 total hits!

If hits were sales, we'd be rich... but they are not, so go to the site and check out the gift baskets. Mother's Day is coming soon and what would make a better gift than handmade soaps and bath salts. We have about 7 scents completed, so if you don't like what's there, check back. We'll have the others posted soon.