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Why I want to go Over the Edge of a 15 Story Building (Hint: It's for a good cause)

I just signed up for my second Over the Edge event for Special Olympics of Texas. Last year I raised over $1000 for the opportunity to rappel over the edge of a 15 story building in Dallas.

It was awesome! The view of the city. The adrenaline of being 15 stories up on the outside of a building. Just awesome.

But even more awesome than those things was that I got to meet some of the Special Olympics athletes and their parents.

While I was waiting for get ready for my rappel, a young man came up to me to thank me for raising the money for him to participate in Special Olympics. I took a picture with him and was so proud that I got to be in the picture with him.

Later a mother came up to me to thank me for raising money so her son could participate in the sport he loves.

As fun as rappelling was (and I love jumping off tall things), this is what it was all about.

Special Olympics recently did a study about the impact of Special Olympics programs on their participants. It found that, not surprisingly, "Families of athletes with intellectual disabilities want the same things for their children as do other families. Parents hope that by participating in sports their children feel good about themselves and develop a strong sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. They also see health benefits that are critical given the unmet health needs of this population."

And that "The benefits of participation in Special Olympics are substantial for its athletes. There is an overwhelming consensus among athletes, coaches and family members that there is significant improvement in athletes’ sense of self, social skills and social interactions due to their participation in Special Olympics."

This can't be a surprise to anyone. Participating in sports makes us all fell great. It improves our self confidence and our health.

I can tell you from experience that the students in my Tae Qwon Do class with disabilities are amazing. I see them gain confidence. In the short 1.5 years I've known them, they have grown so much. They are confident. They are in college. They are doing the things they love. Everyone should hope to have that in life.

So I'm asking you to help me help Special Olympics by donating and helping me meet my goal of $1000. If, no, when I raise the money, I will get to once again rappel off a 15 story building. Which is quite honestly, awesome.

Here's a video of last year's rappel. This year, I'm bringing a Go Pro so everyone can see it from my view.


No serious, please donate at http://bit.ly/JennyOverEdge 



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