The Italy Trip - A Summary

Wow! How time flies!

Ok, so I have been horrible at posting, but I'm back now (I know, I've said that before, so we'll see...). Here's a quick synopsis of what happened since wedding-palossa. 

For 14 years my now husband and I had 2 houses. People always asked, why don't you live together. The answer was basically "hmmm, we just don't." So after getting engaged, I sold my house and we started looking. At EVERY house in Dallas. Literally. 

Turns out we have very different tastes. My poor realtor/friend didn't even have general guidelines to work with since we weren't tied to a school district or anything but the relative proximity to Dallas. 

We, remarkably, found a house that had the perfect combination of modern for me and cabin for him. It turned out to be the hardest house in the  universe to buy due to the new appraisal rules and other stuff, but finally we closed on the house and moved in.

We are on a quiet little street with a whopping 3, soon to be 4, neighbors. You turn on our street and suddenly, you are in Vermont. Champ, the most photographed doggy in Dallas, loves it. We love it. 

Fast forward a year to icemageddon in December and the bad windows and lack of insulation made 3 days of power outage suck, but we can fix that, someday. It's still pretty awesome. Cold, but awesome.

So that's what you missed. The super cute pictures of Champ start here. We got to watch an adorable baby hawk grow up last spring. There was a lot of work and Pig and Peacock that also happened. 

I'll try to post more than annually. I can't promise weekely, but definately somewhere in between.

Oh yeah, and Happy Chinese New Year!


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