It's Been a Crazy Year!
Wow! How time flies!

The Italy Trip - A Summary

I found this summary of our Italy trip on my iPad. I had forgotten that I was documenting the trip. I wanted to post it here so I can always remember the fun and challenges we had. (As if I'd ever forget running into a building in Sicily...)

April 7
We went to Palermo for a couple days after Venice. We visited Segesta to see the Greek ruins. We had a great lunch there and the guys had their picture taken with Mama.

While looking for the Greek temple, there was an incident with the rental car and a building. We entered a 10 ft square "intersection" in Segesta that was Z shaped, with stairs on the right and left and a parked car on our side. We got a bit too close to the building with the rental. Good thing we got the rental car insurance...

After Palermo, we went to the Amalfi coast. We had planned to rent a car today (Thursday) and then drive it to Praiano, where we're staying, but after seeing the crazy road up the cliff side, we have decided that would be insane.

Our rental apartment in Praiano us amazing! The view is spectacular. The only downside to the apartment is the half mile hike up a hill, about a 35 degree incline, followed by 106 steps. (Yes, we counted.) Dragging our luggage, which gets heavier with every town, was no small feat. I've decided that the Amalfi coast is not for the out of shape. The stairs and hills have been exhausting, but we really love the area. My pedometer says that we have walked 4-6 miles each day, half of that has been uphill, or on stairs. No worries about fitting into the wedding dress, even with all the pasta we've been eating.

Today we went to Capri. The views are a amazing. We decided to do a hike from a book we have. The directions were not as straight forward as they seemed since the roads are not labeled very well. Luckily, we realized that this cute dog was guiding us through the streets to our destination, Roman ruins. He would actually stop and wait for us when we stopped for pictures. On several occasions, he would wait at a fork in the road on the correct side we needed to take. When ever we got to a fork, we checked the directions, and sure enough, he was always right. He was the best tour guide we've ever had.

April 8
We hiked the Path of the Gods on Friday. The views from the top were amazing. It was cloudy most of hike, which kept us cool for the 10 miles we walked that day, but obscured the cities below so we couldn't get the "money shot" we wanted from the top.

April 9
We went to Pompeii then headed to the villa on Saturday. We could have spent days at Pompeii. It's amazing to see the city preserved in time like that. We headed to the villa after Pompeii. While waiting for someone to meet us to let usin the villa, we saw the most amazing Tuscan sunset. After a week of busy cities, it was great to be in the country where we could relax.

April 11
Everyone arrived on either Sunday or Monday. My parents had flight issues, but made it to the villa about midnight, sans luggage unfortunately. It' s great to have everyone here. We made a huge Tuscan dinner with pasta, bruchetta, Brie and honey crustinis (super yummy), meats, and cheeses.

April 13
After meeting with the Florence department of vital statistics, the US Consulate, and then the Tavarnelle Val di Pesa registrar, all the paperwork is complete and we have sworn in front of many people that we there are no impediments to us getting married in the US or Italy. It's getting close!

April 14
Reversal dinner at our favorite restaurant Italy, Taverna Chiribiri. Finally got to have the best lasagne in the world. It was as good as we remembered.

April 15
Wedding day! After a week of 85 degree weather, we woke to an overcast and cold morning. First we had the civil ceremony in Town Hall. It was a really neat ceremony. A city councilman presided over the ceremony wearing a sash bearing the town colors. He spoke in Italian and our translator repeated it in English. At the end of the ceremony he presented us with a scroll with the text of the ceremony. He thanked us for getting married in their small community and gave us a gift of two books about the town.

Later that day, we held the personal ceremony at the villa. Although the sun did break through the clouds, it was still cold outside, but everyone was a trooper and sat through the outside ceremony. We did decide to move the cocktails and dinner inside though. Now, we are officially married and looking forward to seeing everyone at the Dallas reception!


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