Lasik is Great! Why Didn't I do This Years Ago?
The Italy Trip - A Summary

It's Been a Crazy Year!

It's been almost a year since my last post. That's due to several things. I got engaged, I got married, I am about 2 weeks away from selling my house, and I've had a serious case of writers block. But I figured that my 3 avid readers need to be brought up to speed, so I plan to do a whirlwind posting-palloza over the next couple weeks.

I'll start with the engagement since that was the next big event after my lasik (which I still can't believe took me so long to do).

We went to Cabo for the 4th of July last year. He got the last AA Advantage seat in first class so, since it was a short flight, I decided not to spend the money to buy a first class ticket. Coincidentially, and completey not planned, his brother and sister-in-law were on our flight to Cabo, up front, in first. So the three of them sat up front while I was in the back with the chickens.

I was ok with the seating arrangement, but since they all knew this was THE weekend, they felt bad and his family tried to get me moved up, unsuccessfully.

On Saturday morning we had breakfast and went for a walk on the beach. We walked and took pictures for about an hour, then sat down on the beach. It was a little overcast and I started getting chilly, but he insisted on taking more pictures of the waves crashing onto the beach.

After a little while, he said, "I'm through messing around, let's get married." I said "Ok", but we'd had similar conversations before, so I didn't think he was serious.

He told me to find a shell and we would take it to town and have them make a ring out of it. Still not believing him, I told him I didn't want a shell ring, I wanted a diamond ring. Then he pulled a little red box out of the camera bag. It was a total surprise. I was stunned into silence, then said "Yes!"

He told me that he had asked my parents earlier in the week while I was out of town. He even tried to rearrange my dental appointment because they knew about it and thought that they wouldn't be able to keep the secret.

I immediately made it Facebook official and we got the greatest comments. They ranged from Congrats! to Who's the lucky guy? (after almost 15 years no one thought it would ever happen).

We decided to get married in Italy. I've been told that the two best days of wedding planning are when you start and when you are done. The engagement was just the beginning...


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